Olga Merediz & “In The Heights” Unique Broadway Company

° tener miedo to be afraidTenía mucho miedo a estar enfermo.He was very a lot afraid of being ill. ° hacer méritos to build up good will, make oneself deserving. Mediante by way of, by means ofMediante influencia pudo embarcar.He was capable of book passage as a result of he had pull.

He hath no bones in his mouth, he’s a smooth-toungd fellow. That falleth out ofttimes in a moment, which happeneth not in an age. By this Proverb we’re taught, that all things on this world come to an end, as there is no day ever so long, but hath its declination. In the instances of yore, when men wiped their noses on the sleeve insteed of a handkercher. He hath properly studied males, he knoweth tips on how to carry himself. A hundred crowns of melancholy won’t pay a half pennyworth of debt.

Put thy hand into thy personal bosome, and never stand telling the fortune of others. The Devil so liked his child, that he pulled out considered one of his eyes. A gentle word quencheth more then a whole cauldron of water. A handful of naturall wit is better then an armful of lear∣ning. A wench on the market-place hath generally the door swep’d, and the home beshit. There’s no house however hath one thing to not be spoken of.

The sin be it ever so secret that thou dost commit, at size it’ll come out. When the season of the yr is come, the Goat sleeps on the Bucks bum. When thieves squabble true men hear of their cattle. The furious fights and chafes, in addition to the Champion. A vessel won’t break that is not crammed to the brim. A womans double negative, is a single affirm live.

Who so complains without cause, ought to have trigger given him to complain. Whereof I thought it not im∣pertinent to insert here a couple of stanzas. Clime, who are witnesses of your Princely way of living, and noble Hospitalitie. Preserve thy self from the event, and God will protect thee from the sin. At the primary assault the French are more then males, and after∣wards much less then girls. History, which speaks of the actions of useless men, opens the eyes, and directs the li∣ving.

Partidario followerEste señor es uno de sus partidarios más antiguos.This gentleman’s considered one of his oldest followers. Panecillo roll Los panecillos están muy tiernos.The rolls are very gentle. Padrino godfatherFué a ver a su padrino.He went to see his godfather. ▲ patron, sponsorTiene muy buenos padrinos.He has excellent sponsors.

Inadvertencia oversightNo lo incluyeron en la lista por inadvertencia.He was left off the listing through an oversight. Hora hourEmpezó la fiesta a la hora en punto. The party started exactly on the hour.

▲ duelSu abuelo murió en un duelo.His grandfather was killed in a duel. ▲ to relaxation, be inactiveDeje que duerma el asunto hasta que yo vuelva.Let the matter rest till I get back. ▲ to place to sleepDuerme al niño.Put the child to sleep.